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How to Export LinkedIn Company Followers to Excel

In the world of B2B lead generation, your LinkedIn network provides a treasure trove of valuable connections, conversations, and potential opportunities. Your LinkedIn company followers, in particular, represent a pool of engaged individuals who are interested in your business updates and offerings. But what if you could take your LinkedIn strategy a step further and harness the power of data by exporting these followers to Excel? 

This blog explores the importance of backing up your LinkedIn company followers and guides you through the process, all while highlighting how Meet Alfred can elevate your lead-generation efforts.

Understanding LinkedIn Company Followers

LinkedIn company followers are individuals who have chosen to follow your company's LinkedIn page. They express interest in staying updated on your company's news, content, and announcements. These followers could include existing clients, potential leads, industry peers, and more - all forming a valuable network that you've cultivated over time. So can you export followers from LinkedIn to leverage this existing network? Absolutely.

Why Export LinkedIn Followers to Excel?

Backing up your LinkedIn company followers to Excel serves several essential purposes:

Record-Keeping: Exporting your followers allows you to maintain a record of your network's growth and evolution. This historical data provides insights into your audience's engagement levels and helps you track changes in your follower base.

Security and Redundancy: By storing your followers' information in Excel, you create an additional layer of security for your LinkedIn connections. In case of unforeseen circumstances like account issues or LinkedIn changes, you have a backup of your network data.

Organization and Analysis: Excel offers versatile ways to organize and analyze data. By exporting your followers, you gain the ability to sort, filter, and segment your network for targeted outreach, relationship-building, and marketing campaigns.

How to Export Followers From a LinkedIn Company Page

Step 1: Go to Your LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Click on the company logo at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. 
  2. Access the Admin icon in the top right corner.
  3. Navigate to Analytics.

Step 2: Click on Followers

  1. Under the Audience section, locate and click on Followers. 
  2. Click on Export.

Step 3: Select the Date Range

  1. You have the option to choose the date range for the data you wish to export.
  2. The default range is the past 90 days.

Step 4: Click on Export

  1. With the date range set, simply click on Export to initiate the download of the Excel file.

Exporting Profile Followers

While the above steps focus on exporting followers from your company page, it's equally important to be able to export profile followers. This process involves navigating to your profile settings, selecting "Connections," and then exporting the data. This action ensures a comprehensive approach to backing up your LinkedIn connections.

Elevate Your B2B Lead Generation with Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is your ally in enhancing B2B lead generation. With industry-leading automation capabilities, you can not only export LinkedIn followers to Excel but also transform your entire LinkedIn strategy. Imagine streamlining personalized engagement, automating connection requests, and optimizing outreach efforts - all while having a secure backup of your valuable connections.

Meet Alfred: Take Charge of Your LinkedIn Strategy Today

Your LinkedIn company followers represent more than just numbers - they're potential collaborators, clients, and partners. By exporting them to Excel, you're taking a proactive step towards data security, organization, and informed decision-making. Meet Alfred is your partner in maximizing the potential of your LinkedIn connections. 

Experience the benefits of Meet Alfred's automation software and unlock new avenues of growth for your B2B lead generation efforts. Watch our demo or start your free trial today!

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