6 Tips for writing a successful LinkedIn Cold Outreach Messages

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March 24, 2021
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Tips for Linkedin cold outreach messages

When I started my sales career I hardly knew about communicating with the clients, But it didn’t take so much time to overcome my fear. It's like your first day in college where you have to make new friends.

Once I started I got deep into it. Because I knew if I wanted to generate interesting outbound leads I needed to put myself out there. So without wasting time let’s get started.

So here are the few points to keep in mind while writing a Linkedin Cold Outreach Messages

1) Find common ground

The major benefit of LinkedIn as a channel outreach is the number of appropriate data which you can find about the job of a person, prior work, academic background, and common area of interests. Whenever you meet potential customers on LinkedIn and you want to communicate with them, initially you should scan through their profile to find various common grounds between yourself and the other candidate to whom you are texting.

When there is something common between you and the potential lead, make sure that when your first text has been crafted to them, therefore, your first craft is targeted, personal, and correct. Each and every single lead should not be copy and paste. Despite this, you should use what you gained from their LinkedIn profile to send a message personally to each individual so that they know you who actually showed interest in their profile. 

2) Look for a mutual connection 

Secondly, if you have the same connection with your potential buyer, then carry it out.

 It is often not so complicated to strike up a communication with the unknown person if there is someone else who can vouch for you. Therefore, if you have mutual friends and prior coworkers (which makes you feel comfortable), keep asking one of your shared connections to introduce  you. After doing so, you are able to message individually.

 "Simply mentioning your mutual connection in your initial text is another efficient method.

 You can commence your message by simply writing “Hi”(First name)Where do you know   

   [name of the mutual connection], anyway?"


3)Don’t make it too long

       Think of LinkedIn conversation as instant messaging, not emailing. To clarify not  

        sending the full paragraphs of text when few short sentences will do.

        The length of your text has a major impact on whether the lead will reply or not, as with  

        Cold emails and voicemails. Getting response should be your major aim in your first 

         LinkedIn message. That’s all, therefore, keep your message short and to the point, so that  

        receiver can read and understand easily.


 4)Save the selling for future 

            Asking for a sale in your first text is a deadly sin, in the case of any cold outreach. If

            you are forcing the stranger to buy your product, then it sends the message that

            you are not successfully drawing in customers, and your product is of no use.

 Make sure in mind that your target is not to push your product and services when you introduce yourself to potential buyers on LinkedIn. Therefore, your job is to make a connection and communicate with them.

  5)Provide them a cause to respond         

When you get a text from a stranger, you probably would not be likely to respond unless they provide you a valuable reason, right? Your first motive should be to focus on generating a relationship rather than selling, you should include a few aspects of asking to keep the communication online.

Add a terminating question to your message that will give a reason to get a revert. This can be a question about their professional experiences, interests, mutual connections, or their occupations or position. Ask only for something that the person from their position would know.

6)Keep track and follow up

You would not reach only one lead at a time on LinkedIn, so it is very necessary for you to keep track of the leads you reached to and follow them if they don't reply instantly. (A CRM is a way to keep track of each person and the dates you reach out to, so don’t forget to check it).

In the end, we are done with the affordable practices for connecting with potential buyers.

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