How Sales Enablement content supports the Sales process

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August 11, 2021
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Sales enablement

With the help of Sales Enablement you can provide your business team with necessary equipment that is needed to close a deal. It will provide content, and tools that will help the salespeople to attract more customers into purchasing the products and services that are being provided by your business. Sales enablement is very essential for the sales process and it creates a huge impact on the sales of a company.

How Sales Enablement Affects the Sales Process:

  1. Prospecting:  Firstly you have to select which type of customers you are going to approach. You have to decide your consumers then you can start approaching them. You have to find more than one prospect from each company to stay in the market. You have to take multiple approaches.
  1. Preparation: In this stage, you have to get as much information about your customers as possible. You have to keep a track of the market, know which product is in high demand and then you have to collect information about these products and services. By observing your competitors and how they are performing, you have to make a sales pattern that is best suited for your business.
  1. Approach: This is the most important step in the whole sales process. Here you are going to first approach the customers for the first time. With the help of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram etc you can engage in conversations with them. Mainly there are three types of approach method
  • Premium Approach- This is the kind of approach that is usually taken by established brands. Here the brands send some gifts from the company's products to its future customers to make a good first impression.
  • Question Approach- You can ask different types of questions or any suggestions from the consumers to grab their interest.
  • Product Approach- In this approach, the audience is generally provided with samples of the free product or services and then they are asked about it. This helps the business to get an idea about how the product is going to work in future.

       4.  Presentation: Here you have to produce your goods and services to the customers in such a way that will fulfil the wants and the objectives of your future leads. Giving your consumers a Powerpoint Presentation can help them to comprehend the information better. You can also give your customers a sales speech but it doesn't have to be the usual 'cold calling' way. You can tell them about your product and services and if they have any questions you can answer them to be more clear and specific. This helps to build trust between the brand and the consumers.

      5.   Handling Objects:  Handling Objections is also one of the crucial steps in the whole sales process. Here you can get to know about the problems or issues that the consumers are facing in their day to day lives. You have to start addressing your consumers with proper solutions. Also, those people who are not interested in your products will drop out on their own. So you can concentrate your focus on those consumers who are into your business. Each sale also requires a follow up so you can guide your consumers.

       6.  Closing:  This is the final stage where the consumers are going to decide whether or not they will move forward with you. You can also try on these specific closing techniques based on your business 

  1. Alternative Closing Choices: You have to create such a situation for the consumers where he ends up buying the product. 
  2. Extra inducement close: You can offer your customers that will entice them in buying the product. Some special offers, discounts or some gifts that can gain their interests.
  1. Follow up: Though you have closed the deal still you have to stay connected with your customers. Creating a good relationship with current customers can also earn referrals for the future. This will help to expand the business.

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