How to Automate your LinkedIn Posts

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October 22, 2021
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Automate Linkedin Posts

The Key To Social Media Success Is Consistency Of Content And Time

Anybody serious about their social media presence needs to read this. Building a serious social media presence takes content and consistency. So if you are serious about making your presence felt in any platform that you use, you may already know how important it is to post regularly, approximately at a certain time, and on a subject line that is related and has some form of continuity. Being consistent both about content and time is most important and more so if you are on LinkedIn. To keep your posts on time and to keep followers coming back for more in a sustained manner, you may have to automate your posts. The way to make the most of your social media presence is to post consistently and over days and months.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency of both content and time are important. It will prove to be your most valuable asset as you build your reputation on any social media platform. You keep posting and people come back for more. Regular and timely posting helps you to remain on top of the human mind – which is key for building influence. People will keep coming back to you when they know you are the go to person for information on a subject. Or to reach out for a service you provide.

Use Automation Tools To Build Content Over Time In A Systematic Manner

Why should you use social media automation?
When we use automation tools to optimize the process of making social media posts, it is termed as social-media automation. This may include blog posts, stories, posts and videos. So if you are planning to automate, first select a platform that allows you to do everything you want to, with your posts. Automation is key to making a serious, well paced-out social media presence. Use it.

Automation saves time
Once a system of automation is created for distribution of content, you automatically cut down the time you spend on maintaining your social media. What is more – if your content is in place, you can schedule your content weeks in advance and at a variety of time-range that can extend beyond business hours. This leaves you with more time for content creation, as most of your social media is already running on schedule while you are working on creation.

How to automate LinkedIn posts
To automate LinkedIn posts you will need to sign up with an automation service provider. Which platform should you use? While it depends entirely on the content you want to post, it is advised that you use a tool that allows you to use a variety of content. Try and sample multiple automation platforms and then choose one that helps you maximize.

Content creation and curation
If you curate content – you will never run out of ideas. Platforms like - Crowdfire for instance automatically curates articles and images for your social media accounts. It can also decide a time for your to post unless you want to schedule them the way you want. Yes, that's easy! So go ahead, choose a platform that suits you.

Scheduling content
Explore both the content you want to post and the best time to post to be able to make a systematic plan for posting, building and growing your social media accounts. Choose the best options and watch the impact grow over a period of time. You must first analyse your social media followership and check at around what time you get read or followed. Try and keep your automated post timings close to your maximum draw-time.

How to measure automation success?
The success of your content automation will come from data-analytics. You can measure and track metrics like growth, shares, post-engagement, hashtag-performance and your competitors' performance. However, do not make your posts look mechanical. Make the content sticky and relatable to always keep a personal touch. Automated content does not need to appear robotic. Plan content with a good variety and in  a logical flow. This is how you will be able to build recall value.  You will know your automated posts have started working as people start connecting and posting on your content. Over time, this is how you can master the concept of LinkedIn automation in a short span.

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