How to Use Competitors to Increase Traffic, Leads, & Sales

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September 1, 2021
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While doing marketing in your websites you must never consider your competitors as your enemies. Else you should take a friendly attitude towards them as if they are your colleagues or friends. Don’t be afraid of facing completions as it will help you to thrive towards success and also find loopholes in your strategies.

It will also be convenient for you to succeed and stay focused in your work if you start finding a positive level of relations with your website contestants. And, unknowingly your competitors can push you towards greater success by creating a competitive environment in the market.

A competitor is any individual or firm who belongs to the same field that you are in. They can also be distinguished as a rival. Most probably they offer customers a similar product or services or address a solution to a problem that matches with your area. These people or businesses can have multiple effects on your business as they are competing for the same customers with identical products.

Your competitors who are selling their products to the same audience can reduce your chance to convince customers for your products. It can also impact the price that you should ask for your commodities. For example, if you offer a unique product that people need or want, you may charge higher prices, but the products that are already being offered by someone else may not fetch that much revenue.

But there are some positive impacts that your competitors can have on your market share. As discussed earlier all competitors are not all harmful. We have listed some of the best ideas that you can try implementing with your competitors to be more successful.

Content Curation

Audiences in social media drive traffic by sharing valuable data on your social media accounts. But a start-up firm may not have an adequate number of contents available to gather such traffic. In such cases your website competitor’s posts can be shared on your social media channels, to increase diversity and contents and get valuable inputs.

Your competitors can also help you to create new content for your blog. You can curate several contents on different topics based on your niche. You just have to list the content and insert a personal opinion in it.

For example, you can take a look at Meet Alfred, they have a huge experience in curating contents for effective content marketing.

Collaboration and Partnership

While in the initial stage of content marketing we have realised that there is a unique way by which you can master the art of dealing with your rivals. You must know that all the reputed content marketers are interconnected with each other and work together. They also post as guests on each other’s blogs. Moreover, many of them share each other’s work and interview themselves on their social media channels. Some of them also comment on blogs to increase engagements. So, you will also have to do similar kind of practices to get stronger in your segment.

You can refer to the Moz Blogs they have relevant experience in taking interviews of popular bloggers.

Taking help to create contents

You can also take help from your competitors in your content creation. For example, you can take ideas from their content types and create your own content with the help of your own creativity. 

There is an Expert roundup that features questions and answers by popular content creators who are experts in their niche. You can post your query there to get answered. It will help you to bring much more proficiency to your content. You can also get out of the box ideas from these expert roundups.

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