How to win at generating B2B Leads on Linkedin

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October 19, 2021
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B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn looks easy until you try generating B2B links on this networking platform. It is not impossible to generate leads on LinkedIn but it will require a mixed playout of LinedIn ads, content marketing and some audience engagement on your part.

To begin with, you need to put up a company page that looks authentic and promising. A good picture, logo, a brief about your work and service, contact details – everything should be present.

At the same time, develop your personal profile page in a way that you can easily interact with the company page and engage with its followers. A business works better when there’s a face people can relate to.

Open up your posts to company members, post about your company ethics, culture, new developments and more. This will easily get people interested in your narrative.

Start building your connections carefully. It is easy to develop numbers in a random fashion but that will not translate into B2B LinkedIn leads. Find out people who resonate wit what you have to offer or what you stand for. The ultimate way to grow organically is through content that can be shared.

Only those who have a keen interest in what you are saying or showing will possibly also share your content thus giving it an organic outreach. It is for this reason that contacts will have to be chosen carefully.

The size of your connections and followers list will grow along the way as you continue to post. So pay special attention to the content that you post on your company page.

Post share-worthy content that is rich in information, factually correct and reliable. Make your content attractive and present them well with pictures and graphs.

Add videos for virality. Everyone loves videos and they not only grab attention but help engage viewers with the rest of your page. Create informative videos, interviews. You could also present your vedios in a serialized manner.

Paid ads work very well for initial outreach. Keep a budget for paid ads.

LinkedIn will allow you to create lead generate adcampaigns. This helps you get information about visitors easily that you can later target.

Offer freebies – a free workshop, a free consultation and more to get people interested in B2B exchanges.

A great way to attract industry people on your LinkedIn page is to create LinkedIn events. They will invariably be a hit and help people keep returning to you. Regular events can lead to organic B2B leads.

Use your LinkedIn contacts to develop a list of prospects that you can softly target for B2B promotion. Many have their contact details available and it is a good way to start your outreach. You may get emails, contact numbers and more. Be careful to be polite in your approach and not get labeled as a spammer.

The purpose of social media is to open up your circles and outreach to people and places which are not immediately available to you. Keep this in mind, learn as you go. Keep people’s point of interest while creating events and posts and build content that sticks.

People will automatically respond if you are offering value.

Remember your social media presence is a sum total of your brand and service – be consistent and have integrity. Be regular in your posts. If people are coming to your page there should be a reason for them to stick around. Add value to your page everyday – create diversity. Surprise with interesting offers. It is only a matter of time before people make a beeline to follow your page. Of the many that you build connections with on LinkedIn – a part is certainly going to convert to leads. As you keep building the numbers of connections, keep the conversation going. Ask for feedback. And while doing all of this, try to stand out from others by being unique. The best way to generate B2B leads is to be interesting enough for people to turn to you automatically.

Make a plan and stick to it.

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