Best LinkedIn Automation Tools of 2022 | Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to selecting a LinkedIn automation tool for your business, there are many options out in the market. But how do you know which tool is the best?

We’ve rounded up the best LinkedIn automation tools of 2022 into one useful guide for you.

But firstly, what is LinkedIn automation? And how can automation tools help make your business more efficient?

What is a LinkedIn Automation Tool?

A LinkedIn automation tool is software that is designed to mimic human behavior and automate various tasks for you on LinkedIn. These tasks can include everything from sending connection requests to congratulating connections on important milestones.

LinkedIn automation tools are incredibly valuable for businesses as they help streamline outreach activities. This, in turn, relieves strain on resources and frees up time for other business objectives. And automation tools like Meet Alfred can increase message response rates ten-fold.

LinkedIn bots come with many different features, and these can vary depending on which software you use. However, the best automation tools have the following features at minimum:
  • An ability to fully customize and personalize LinkedIn campaigns, connection requests and messages
  • Create automated campaigns across multiple channels to increase lead generation opportunities
  • Integration with a wide range of other essential applications
  • Reporting and tracking of campaigns
  • LinkedIn scraping tools and CRM

With these features in mind, here is our list of the best automation software for LinkedIn lead generation.

Best LinkedIn Automation Software Options for 2022

1. Meet Alfred

As a LinkedIn outreach tool, Meet Alfred boasts an impressive combination of features not found with other competitors. Meet Alfred does more than just provide LinkedIn automation. Users can fully automate outreach campaigns across multiple channels to increase response rates, manage multiple accounts and build meaningful connections with hyper-personalized messaging.

Meet Alfred’s world-class LinkedIn scraper and CRM sync helps ensure no connection falls through the cracks. And combined with reply detection and InMail safety limits, users can be confident that their messages won’t be a risk of LinkedIn penalties.

Users have access to Meet Alfred’s entire library of helpful resources, containing video tutorials and in-depth guides to help businesses accelerate their LinkedIn marketing. Meet Alfred’s 24/7 customer service is also first-rate, providing response times of less than five minutes.

Meet Alfred has been an industry leader in LinkedIn automation since its inception in 2014. With more than 78,000 users spread across 87 countries, Meet Alfred has a longstanding tradition of supporting clients with lead generation and prospect outreach.

Features offered with Meet Alfred:

Additional reasons why clients choose Meet Alfred for LinkedIn automation:
  • 14-day free trial, without need for credit card details
  • 3000+ app integrations supported by webhooks, Zapier and native integration
  • Sales Navigator plan inclusions options for $39 per month
  • 24/7 support, with live chat that guarantees response in under 5 minutes
  • Almost a decade of industry experience, pioneering LinkedIn automation

Meet Alfred plans start at just $29 per month for the Personal plan. For teams, the Business plan begins at $59 per month, with additional users only costing $39 per month. 

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2. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is one of the most popular options when it comes to LinkedIn automation. Unlike other tools, Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension that caters to users who are new to automation all the way up to more experienced customers. The tool specializes in automating LinkedIn messaging, connection endorsements and drip campaigns.

Pros of Dux-Soup:
  • Great for beginners getting their first taste of LinkedIn automation
  • Introductory plan is free, with upgrade options
  • Dux-Soup frequently publishes new guides to help users with LinkedIn outreach

Cons of Dux-Soup:
  • Limited outreach options for advanced users
  • Limited safety features to protect your LinkedIn account
  • Chrome extension that only works when you log in
  • Interface is not as intuitive as competitors, resulting in a steeper learning curve

3. OctopusCRM

OctopusCRM is first and foremost a customer relationship management tool. This means it excels at sending personalized messages and connection requests. For those looking to use a simple but affordable tool to build LinkedIn networks, OctopusCRM offers an entry-level option for automation.

Pros of OctopusCRM:
  • Bulk send messages to established connections
  • OctopusCRM’s large library of resources provides support for users
  • Price is very competitive

Cons of OctopusCRM:
  • CVS downloads limit prospect information, lacking connections’ phone and email details
  • Users complain about poor customer service
  • Restrictions on contact import
  • Lacks inbox feature within its own tool, relying on LinkedIn’s inbox system


Expandi is one of the newer cloud-base platforms in the industry. The tool’s biggest advantage is its realistic imitation of human behavior; Expandi uses random delays between activities to disguise its automation. 

Expandi also creates high levels of customization, with dynamic personalization features that create advanced automated messages based on prospect profile information.

Pros of
  • A/B testing feature allows users to evaluate campaign strategies
  • Integration with LinkedIn events, allowing users to automate invites
  • Users can sync LinkedIn campaigns with email sequences for multi-channel marketing

Cons of
  • Price: Expandi is on the more expensive end for LinkedIn tools
  • Limited plan options: Only one plan is offered for all user segments
  • Expandi’s interface can be less user friendly than other competitors and is occasionally prone to bugs

5. Dripify

Dripify is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that utilizes advanced algorithms to assist with prospect outreach. One of its hero features is its approach to campaign management; with both A/B testing and CRM tools, creating dynamic LinkedIn campaigns is a breeze. 

However, in all its LinkedIn campaign glory, Dripify falls down when it comes to cross-channel outreach, with limited multi-channel sequence options.

Pros of Dripify:
  • A/B testing of outreach campaigns
  • Create customized campaigns for lead generation
  • Dripify uses an advanced algorithm to protect your LinkedIn account from penalties

Cons of Dripify:
  • Dripify does not offer multi-channel campaign sequences, limiting users to just LinkedIn messaging
  • Fewer app integration options than LinkedIn software options
  • No mobile app version

6. Linked Helper

Linked Helper’s biggest advantage for users is its focus on communication with prospects. The auto mailing system allows users to keep communication streams open 24/7. Users can also automatically endorse contacts - a handy feature to foster strong connections.

Pros of Linked Helper:
  • Create smart lead generation funnels
  • User-friendly with intuitive drip campaigns
  • Customizable campaign templates

Cons of Linked Helper:
  • No ability for native email to engage in multi-channel marketing
  • Only useable with a downloaded app
  • Due to safety concerns, Linked Helper has been removed from the Google Chrome Store.

7. Salesflow

Unlike automation tools that focus just on LinkedIn messaging and fostering connections, Salesflow is all about prospecting and lead generation. Some of the most impressive features include profile creation to attract leads, multiple campaigns and advanced reporting.

Pros of Salesflow:
  • Clean interface lets users manage all activities in one simple dashboard
  • Advanced reporting options to track LinkedIn lead generation

Cons of Salesflow:
  • Plans are capped with user amounts, with limited flexibility between pricing tiers
  • Limited options with app integrations
  • One of the newer tools to the market

8. WeConnect

WeConnect is primarily designed to do just what its name suggests: connect users with prospects on LinkedIn. As such, audience features are the hero, with smart reply capabilities, control over invitations and contact management. Primarily designed for sales and marketing teams, WeConnect’s focus is on nurturing leads.

Pros of WeConnect:
  • Easy user management - account managers can easily add more users
  • Clean interface with simple useability

Cons of WeConnect:
  • Limited advanced automation functionality
  • Poor customer service
  • Software can become complicated quickly, and requires a steep learning curve to begin

9. Zopto

Zopto is a cloud-based tool designed to greatly amplify lead generation. Zopto has a very strong reputation in the LinkedIn automation industry, with its ability to apply advanced filters to target prospects across locations, industries, company information and a slate of other useful metrics. 

However, Zopto’s biggest detractor is the price. The most affordable plan - the Personal plan - begins at $215 per month (7.5 times more expensive than Meet Alfred).

Pros of Zopto:
  • Allows users to A/B test LinkedIn campaigns
  • Customize campaigns for target audiences

Cons of Zopto:
  • Price: Zopto is the most expensive option on the market
  • Complicated setup for first use can be challenging for consumers new to LinkedIn automation
  • Cannot automatically cancel campaigns

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