Demo Alternative: Why choose Meet Alfred for your LinkedIn automation software

When it comes to choosing LinkedIn automation software, there are many options to choose from. It can be complicated evaluating which tool is the best for your business. Both and Meet Alfred are popular choices, but which is better for lead generation and prospect outreach?

As an alternative, Meet Alfred’s features stand out from many other marketing automation tools.

Meet Alfred’s LinkedIn software includes various pricing plans and a team management function. It also features an all-in-one design that lets you build outreach campaigns across multiple channels. This way, you can combine your LinkedIn marketing automation with automation for Twitter and email. 

Meet Alfred also offers an advanced built-in LinkedIn CRM, allowing you to manage, view, export, and analyze outreach campaigns or connections right from your account. 

Take a closer look at the differences between and Meet Alfred.

Trusted by 89,022 users from 89 countries
Features Alfred White Logo Expandi Logo
Free trial 7 Days 7 Days
Price $39 $99
Active Campaign Unlimited Unlimited
Conection Request 500 100
Multi-Channel Campaign Sequences 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Hyper Personalised Messaging 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Linkedin Events, Groups & Post Campaigns 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
InMail Campaign Automation 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Email & LinkedIn Account Warmer 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Team Collaboration 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Reply Detection & Safety Limits 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Social Media Post Scheduling 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Customisable Templates Library 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Performance Tracking & Analytics 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true vs Meet Alfred: How both LinkedIn automation tools compare

Meet Alfred gives you unique features in a combination you won’t find anywhere else 

Simply put, Alfred offers more crucial features and the best LinkedIn tools at a lower price. 

Both Alfred and offer InMail campaign automation and team collaboration, but only Alfred offers hyper-personalised messaging and multi-channel campaign sequences. On top of this, Alfred offers an impressive slate of additional tools, including: 

Integrating Meet Alfred with your other tools is simple

For most companies, one of the biggest struggles is connecting their LinkedIn automation tools with other capabilities. It can be time-consuming to swap between applications regularly, and it increases the risk of errors. 

Alfred overcomes this challenge with its integration, having more than 3,000 applications and tools. Take advantage of the approved Zapier app, use the natively powered integrations, or rely on webhooks.

Meet Alfred lets you handle multiple channels in one place

The multi-channel support you get with Alfred is one of the most popular features. This means businesses get much more than just a LinkedIn bot. With multi-channel campaigns, users also get outreach via CSV and more. 

In total, Meet Alfred caters for lead imports from nine sources, including:

  • 1st Degree Connections (on the Contacts list)
  • 3rd Party Integrations (courtesy of Zapier)
  • CSV Upload 
  • LinkedIn Events
  • LinkedIn Group
  • LinkedIn Post
  • LinkedIn Search
  • LinkedIn URL

This multi-channel approach makes it much easier to gather leads, as everything is accessible in a single platform. This also improves team efficiency, and can increase replies by 300% with the multi-channel prospecting tools.

Meet Alfred vs Pricing: Our value cannot be beaten 

Meet Alfred stands out by offering multiple price points, while only offers a single pricing plan. On top of that, costs users $99 per seat per month. Compare this to Meet Alfred business plans available at $59 per month, with additional users only costing $39. A personal plan starts at only $29 per month.

When directly comparing vs Meet Alfred, Alfred is a much more affordable option. This is also true when you factor in other options, as Meet Alfred offers a large selection of features and pricing to meet different budgets. 

There are also further ways to save: a Meet Alfred annual plan offers a 33% discount, giving four months of service for free. 

Meet Alfred works with all types of LinkedIn account 

Meet Alfred offers support for all account types making it among the best LinkedIn automation tools. With Meet Alfred, businesses get peace of mind that every account type is supported. After all, each LinkedIn account type has its own purpose and benefits, and what is right for one company may not be right for another.

Alfred for Connecting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to


Alfred for Messaging


Higher response rates when sending messages compared to


Alfred for Converting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to


Discover why companies are switching to Meet Alfred 

Meet Alfred is one of the most popular alternatives. But to get an even better idea of why companies choose Alfred for their LinkedIn automation, consider the features that have encouraged teams to make the switch. 

Here are some reasons B2B companies have shared why they’ve chosen Alfred to grow their business.

Meet Alfred is easy to set up and user friendly

Right from the start, Meet Alfred is easy to set up and use, and is one of the most intuitive LinkedIn automation tool options. The interface is designed with users in mind, created for simple navigation and customisation options for businesses. 

Meet Alfred also offers an excellent knowledge base, with easily accessible guides and tutorial videos. With a catalogue of helpful articles found on the Alfred Help Center, companies can feel comfortable adopting the platform. 

A dedicated support team is also just a few seconds away too for hands-on assistance in making the most of our LinkedIn automation tool. 

Meet Alfred gives you access to world-class customer support 24/7

Many customers who switched to Alfred have done so to take advantage of the 24/7 customer service and excellent support. Between the handy blog and vast selection of LinkedIn help articles, Alfred makes it easy to find essential information to master LinkedIn automation. 

Meet Alfred customers have access to live chat support and can find help via Slack, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Our Meet Alfred demo is also a high point for many clients. This makes it fast and easy to see how Alfred stacks up against other alternatives. 

Meet Alfred has a rich history, providing LinkedIn automation tools since 2014

Alfred has been providing LinkedIn automated messages and other tools since 2014, attracting clients who previously used other marketing automation software. This means that Alfred has evolved, distinguishing itself as one of the top competitors, ready to support all types of businesses.

Meet Alfred’s rich history means we’re ready to adapt to any future LinkedIn changes. When the platform updates, your tools for LinkedIn social selling automation will also improve to be compatible with the latest version.

Meet Alfred Reviews: What clients say about our LinkedIn automation software 

Meet Alfred has 78,299 users spread across 87 countries, including SizeBay, Amazon, Airbus, WeWork, and NextDoor. Here’s what just some of Meet Alfred’s satisfied clients have to say about its LinkedIn tools for business.

Susan Bialas, a marketing executive at Airbus, praises the ease of setup for the campaigns and how much time Meet Alfred has saved her. 
Bertrand Delain, the director of sales at Sizebay, calls Alfred the “perfect tool” for automating outbound efforts.

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