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June 12, 2021
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing:

Email marketing has emerged as a breakthrough in the sales and marketing process in today’s business world. It is an extremely effective digital as well as a direct marketing tool to promote your product or grow your brand. Now, here comes the questions-what is this email marketing? Where did it come from?

A Brief Introduction:

As per definition, Email marketing is a practice of online marketing that involves sending business-related messages to a group of potential customers using email. The mails sent mainly consist of advertisement of new products or services, offering existing products or services, or collection of donations or funding. Sometimes emails sent are only formal courtesy messages to create brand loyalty, reliance, and brand image to the customers.

A Brief History:

The email was first introduced in the year 1971 by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson. Since then, people were introduced to a digital mode of communication. Marketers and business developers didn’t take much time to innovate a modern digital tool out of it, in the year 1978, Gary Terek first introduced the concept by sending 400 business emails to his potential clients. He also claimed that his firm Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) had a business of 13 million dollars due to his modern marketing innovation. This gave a benchmark to the perspective of the email marketing system.

Email Marketing
Prospective of Email Marketing System:

In modern days email marketing has gained huge importance in commercial sectors for several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

Since the late '90s the internet has become easily available to the public, changing the way of communication drastically. People nowadays prefer to rely on online promoted products more due to their excellent presentation and marketing. Business firms are also finding it more cost-effective to use email marketing for their brand promotion.

Advantages of Email Marketing:

●  It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods.

●  It is having a reach to a global audience.

●  It increases brand awareness and helps to increase revenue.

●  It is very simple to use and will deliver the message to the targeted audience.

●  It helps to optimize your time and budget and increase traffic to the website.

Types of Email Marketing:

These are some types of email campaigns your organization should be implementing:

1)    The Welcome Email Series

2)    The Seasonal Campaigns

3)    The Newsletter

4)    The Standard Promotional Campaign

5)    The Post Purchase Drip

6)    The Cart Abandonment Campaign

7)    The Trigger Email Sales

8)    The Reengagement Campaign

 Process of Email Marketing:

If you want to learn how to create email marketing these steps will get you started:

Determine your Goals :

If you are running an e-commerce store you want to increase sales, in this case, your emails might link to bestsellers, create exciting offers, make new merchandise, etc. If your website earns more money by providing ads, you, want to increase your website’s traffic.

●      Choose An Email Marketing Platform:

If your needs are simple then your CRM will provide marketing features that fulfill your needs. If you are looking for self-sustaining marketing campaigns then you want a dedicated email marketing service.

●      Writing Email Copy:

Email copywriting requires immense dedication and focus. While writing the following content appears before any recipient opens your email.

Form Name, Subject Line, Preview Text. Once you have completed this the next comes to the Headlines, Body Copy, and the CTA's (call to action). Then insertion of images can also be helpful to make the email look more attractive.

●      Comply with Email regulations to stay out of the spam folder:

If you’re using Send Grid to send email marketing campaigns, you can create an unsubscribe group within the app. This means that if someone unsubscribes from your emails, they will be removed from your active list (although they will still be in your database). It is also important to remove unengaged subscribers from your email list.

●      Review and Send your email marketing Campaign:

Make sure that you are sending an email to at least one person so that they can verify and edit the copy, check the links, and review any mistakes or spelling errors. Once your email has been reviewed it's time to send your emails.

●      Measure your Results:

Email marketing campaigns produce lots of data that helps to indicate the reach of your email. Some important ways to find out are:

•Unique Opens

•Click through rates

•Unsubscribed rates


•No of reads


This helps you to understand how your email marketing campaign is working.

●      Takeaways:

You have created your email campaign and now it's time to send. With time you are going to gain more experience and you will be able to understand what works best for your email program. Keep on making alterations, test your emails, and study campaign performance.

Future of Email Marketing:

Email marketing went on the backfoot after the introduction of social media. Email marketing has changed its outlook in recent years. It is no longer a simple advertising method; it has become a source of information for your customers. Promotional emails are not the things that customers want today, rather they want information about various products. It is going to have fully automated personalized messages based on customer liking and preference.

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