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February 1, 2021
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What is LinkedIn Advertising?

 LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals. It is the best platform to increase your business and professional network. LinkedIn has more than 700 million members worldwide, and that’s the reason why advertising and marketing on this platform can bring unexpected results.

 LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Ads services by which you can use sponsor content, message ads, dynamic ads, text ads, or a perfect combination of these four. In this post, we will be talking about LinkedIn Ads, their benefits, specification, value, and smart strategies that can bring you the required results.

 Understanding the specification of LinkedIn Ads will help you a lot in using it and getting the desired results which mostly depends on your goal and marketing objectives. LinkedIn Ads uses a bidding system and provides you access to target specific audiences under your budget.


 Using the LinkedIn Ads

There are different kinds of services or Ad tools that are offered by LinkedIn Ads, we will discuss them one by one. But first, let’s see what it cost to run an Ad Campaign. You have two options to control your campaign ad cost, which are setting budgets and setting bids. By setting budgets you can manage the total amount you can spend daily.

 On the other hand, using setting bids you can manage the max amount you can pay for each click or per 1000 impressions. There are 3 different kinds of bidding options available. They are -

Pay Per Send or PCS - Using this bidding option you will have to pay for each successful delivered Message Ads.


Pay Per Click or PPC - Using this bidding option you can specify the amount you want to spend per click.


Pay Per 1000 Impressions or CPM - Using this bidding option you can specify a cost for every 1000 impressions on your Ads. This can be a better option if your motive is to receive more audience views.


Each type of Ad has its advantages and disadvantages, that is why you should understand what is the nature of the ads and how they can be beneficial for you. Now let’s explore and get a brief introduction about different types of Ad tools that it offered by LinkedIn Ads:

Sponsored Content

It is simply the promoted or boosted posts on LinkedIn. You have three options to use with your sponsored content on LinkedIn - Image, Carousel, and Video.

The sponsored content is very effective and can provide you huge benefit if it is valuable and worth sharing. You can also gain some quality traffic in return with specific ad targeting. You can use some specifications as the best practices, for example, using a clear image of size 1200 X 627 is perfect for a high click rate.

 You should try to write your description under 150 characters and add a call to action button or link. Using quality and relevant content will always provide you decent results.


Sponsored Messaging

You can use this Ad tool to deliver the message directly to your prospect’s inbox. It is also known as Inmail, they are very useful in initiating a conversation. Sponsored Messaging is often used when a marketer has to target a certain specific niche. You can also use personalization with this sponsored messaging tool to get more response and engagement.


Video Advertisement

Video content is more engaging and is more liked by the viewers worldwide. Preparing video content is one of the best ways to express your views or thoughts to a large audience. It is one of the best ways to reach a professional audience on LinkedIn.

 You will have to identify the right objective for your campaign taking care of the awareness, conversions, and consideration.

 Also, you have to take care of the specifications of the Ads such as Ad Name limited to 255 characters, Intro text limited to 600 characters, length limited to 30minutes, and some others.


Text Ads

They are one of the most simple ads that are positioned on the top or the right-hand side of the LinkedIn feeds. Again you can use pay per click or pay per 1000impressions to control the ad spend.

 Talking about the specifications of this Ad tool, well you can include an image, add a headline and description limited to 25 and 75 characters respectively.


Dynamic Ads

These Ads are automatically personalized for your prospects based on their profile. Dynamic Ads catch the prospect details and use them. Dynamic Ads have different objectives :


Follower ads: Straightway this is used to gain more followers for your company page.

 Spotlight ads: To share a thought, morals, and values with your target audience.

 Job ads: To receive more applications from various candidates on your job postings.

 Content ads: Generate more leads when peoples and visitors download your content.


Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are popular and are one of the best ways to interact, inspire and engage with your targeted audience. You can use these kinds of ads to increase website visitors, lead generation, and brand awareness.


Remember the first slide of your carousel should be interesting and engaging. It should have the charm to hold a user and interact with it. Further, you can showcase your services, products, and features to get benefits. You should follow the best practice for carousel ads to increase its effectiveness. Some of them are as follow -

1. Minimum three and Maximum 10 slides or cards per Ads.

2. Each slide or card should not be larger than 10 Mb in size, as it takes time in loading and generally be skipped.

3. Maintaining an aspect ratio of 1:1 is best of each image.

4. Short Introductory text limited to 150 characters is enough.


LinkedIn Ads can be best if your targeted audience is on LinkedIn. However your budget and objective should strongly be determined and fixed as not getting expected results after spending huge amounts is always frustrating. That’s the reason why most of the people and LinkedIn marketers use it’s alternatives because they provide various options to set up your campaign and are budget friendly too.

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