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September 28, 2021
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Linkedin Automation Tool

As the name suggests, LinkedIn automation incorporates utilizing particular software designed to automatically send out connection requests, creating or sending text messages and page following as a result there is not much manual effort required.

By implementing an automation tool one can easily complete these in their day to day life.

These are some of the advantages of using a LinkedIn automation tool:

Advantages of Using Linked In Automation:

  • By implementing LinkedIn automation tools, one can divulge their content. You have to target the consumers, at the right moment along with enhancing the social outreach in less time, as a result, earning timely attention from your future leads.
  • Another important advantage is the comfort of creating personalized connections while you are interacting with the consumers. If you are sending messages to LinkedIn users, they are going to mostly convey via LinkedIn messages only. It is not possible for every human being to always stay active, so LinkedIn automation tools assist in communicating with the automated context.
  • With the help of LinkedIn automation features, you can refresh your earlier chat/communication with your future leads before beginning an official conference with them.

Top 4 Linked In Automation Tool to Increase your Sales:

  1. Meet Alfred:

Alfred is an all-in-all sales enablement software for LinkedIn, email and Twitter. The buyers can automate profile views, invitations requests and follow-up messages, as well as other multi-messaging sequences on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

MeetAlfred has a very easy to use interface with user steps that are completely defined. We found that the tools reporting in terms of analytics & Dashboard help track individual or team campaign analytics.

Pricing: The plan starts at $29 per month while their business plan will set you back $79 per month.

There is also a feature of a -day free trial.

  1. Crystal:  

This is a personality detection software powered by AI. Crystal alleges to break down other people's personalities and how they contradict your opinions. If you use this app on  LinkedIn, then it can help sales teams to foresee and implement the required behaviour that is required for prospects to convert. 

The software generates detailed recommendations on how to move toward a consumer and personalise interactions with prospects on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. It can also help you to generate communication tips, is completely personalized messages depending on your situation (e.g. prospect, buyers) and is super detailed at sourcing knowledge to understand targets better. It can also be used to decipher your team or partners adequately.

What are the things that can be improved???

 Crystal outsources judgment to algorithms. It can create problems as well as be appealing to some people. There is no guarantee of it being 100% accurate- they allege that their Personality AI technology system is about 80% accurate.

Pricing: Still now no pricing is provided by Crystal on their website.

A Free Trial is also available.

  1. Expand::  

Expandi is a Linkedin Automation Tool that helps to generate new leads automatically according to their preferences. Allowing consumers to select their target clients, you can also establish numerous ad campaigns for various types of markets without any restrictions. It has a very easy dashboard that provides the business with a better knowledge of your effective ads and evaluating the response rates. The businesses don't need to add ads right at the moment; they can also schedule them for the future. Delivers invitation requests on autopilot to the following.

One can even combine Expandi with a CRM tool to engage your outreach efforts with your clients database.


Expand has only one pricing plan of $99/month.

  1. Phantom Buster: 

Their main aim is to give outcomes of 'Phantoms'  automation available for more than 20 classifications online, including LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. PhantomBuster is vastly used for gathering future leads, within the market's, sales teams and agents using the entities to fully utilize and increase the growth on autopilot. 

The best thing to provide is helping the clients to automate manual procedures that otherwise can waste their time. Our Phantoms usually run from the cloud so that even when you close your browser and shut off your device they work continuously. All Phantoms, encompassing our LinkedIn Phantoms, are managed by PhantomBuster engineers.

Pricing: The plan starts from $30 per month

Free plan? Yes. A free 14-day trial is also provided.

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