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LinkedIn Sales Navigator
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Use of LinkedIn sales navigator

In this article, I will teach you how you can use Linkedin Sales Navigator to build your business

Import your Leads to Sales Navigator

With all of the changes within the new interface, Now LinkedIn is offering free Sales Navigator trials to all customers. Those who’ve never tried it will get 90 days, while others will also get a 30-day free trial.

To check-in for Sales Navigator, Go to the Sales Solutions Page. Explore sales navigator at least for 1 Hour. There are tons of individuals attempting to set it abreast of the fly and gloss over certain elements. Sales Navigator has predictive search, therefore the longer and energy you spend on it the first time, the more you’ll benefit down the road.

LinkedIn walks you through the setup process. First, import your leads and target accounts/companies. Then sync with Salesforce (if you employ it). Next, select your territories and job functions. From the knowledge you provide, LinkedIn will suggest accounts for you to review and save.

Sales Navigator has made the method of importing your LinkedIn connections much easier. within the past, you needed to export your contacts then re-import them.

Importing your connections should be your next step after you undergo the Sales Navigator setup screens. First, click on Settings.

Then scroll to the rock bottom of the page and click on the Import to Sales Navigator link.

The import will include all of the tags and notes you’ve assigned to your connections. This is often a replacement function of Sales Navigator.

Use Lead Builder to Filter Prospect Searches

LinkedIn’s Lead Search function is vastly improved. To access it, click on Lead Builder located to the proper of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search box.

You can choose between 22 search filters, which are so sophisticated that you simply have not got to use Boolean search. For instance, once you start adding titles, LinkedIn’s predictive search will suggest similar titles during a drop-down list. All you've got to do is select the accurate titles. This works altogether with sections with the exception of keyword search.

Once your initial search results are displayed, you'll narrow your results by using the filters on the left side of the page.

Type in a name for your search so you'll recreate it at a later time. you'll even have LinkedIn email you new leads daily or weekly, counting on which option you select. This was one of my favorite under-utilized features within the old free interface, so I’m glad it remains in Sales Navigator.

Once you find an honest lead, click on Save as Lead. Then choose the company/account where you would like to assign your lead. you'll also save the lead without a corporation.

After you save a lead, click on the lead’s name to travel to his or her profile in Sales Navigator, where you'll add tags and notes. LinkedIn also will offer you lead recommendations for related people that work on an equivalent company as your lead.

Research Relevant Accounts by Keyword

During your first-time profile setup, LinkedIn will suggest accounts. However, you'll also look for new accounts. Click within the search box and scroll right down to (or hover over) the look for Accounts link.

To save any account, Click the save account button showing in the account. You can check the list of the saved accounts on the Accounts tab.

When you find a good account, click on the corporation name. You will find a lot of information within this account profile, such as all of the shares of the company and an overview of that company.

LinkedIn also shows how many leads you currently have at that account and will give more lead recommendations too.

Focusing on accounts allows you to stay updated about the company, as well as develop your relationship with company employees too.

Track Lead Engagement

Sales Navigator’s new UI including many new features is focused on helping persons like you create more connections and relationships.

Check out the right side of your Sales Navigator home page to access your Social Selling Index (SSI), which gauges how you’re doing on Sales Navigator. Click on the percent sign to the proper of your SSI score to ascertain where you’re excelling and where you would like an improvement. You’ll also determine how you compare to people on your team, also as your industry and network.

On the left side of your home page, you'll easily access and type your account and lead activity. (LinkedIn also suggests leads during this section.) Sort your activity by most vital or most up-to-date. I like to recommend filtering by the foremost important activity of your saved leads.

For your saved leads, you'll send an immediate message to your first-level connections, send a free message to people that have the Open Link logo on their profile, or send an InMail to others.

On the Support tab, you’ll find the LinkedIn Learning Center, which is filled with cool resources. you'll access live webinars, recorded webinar sessions, self-paced modules, training videos, tip sheets, ebooks, learning plans, and even swipe files for each aspect of Sales Navigator in several different languages.

In Conclusion

At first, I used to be frustrated with LinkedIn and therefore the limitations of the free version of the new interface. However, once I started actively using Sales Navigator, I’ve become incredibly impressed with the worth of the platform. I feel the advantages far exceed the value.

Whether or not you’ve tried Sales Navigator within the past, it’s time to give it a try.

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