Introduction to Sales prospecting in LinkedIn Sales Outreach

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February 19, 2021
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Sales prospecting in LinkedIn Sales Outreach

Sales prospecting is becoming a vital part of the LinkedIn Sales Outreach. Sales prospecting is going through various professionals, executives, people or individuals ultimately to find the prospects who have the potential to get converted into profitable customers with the help of using suitable strategic planning.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest platform of professionals. You can say that today, nearly every company or corporation has it’s profile on LinkedIn. That’s the reason why finding the prospects who have the potential to get converted into profitable customers can be slightly more difficult than you think.

Today the meaning of sales prospecting has also changed. There was a time when cold calling, daily meetings, networking and drop ins were used for sales prospecting. Getting or providing a face to face interaction with every lead was common back then but today everything is digitalized. Popular social media platform LinkedIn is used by every sales and marketing professional for connecting B2B buyers and sellers.

Because of digitalization customers are more aware of the decision and the information of the product, services offered by the marketers. Due to that market has also changed itself and has become more customer centric than ever.

Targeting those customers with the help of modern strategies and approach comes under the techniques of Sales prospecting. Don’t worry we will tell you some of the useful sales prospecting techniques extremely useful for beginners.

Some of the useful sales prospecting techniques


1). Branding

Branding or building a strong personal and professional branding of you and your profile is important. It shows that you are an active part of the industry and is ready for any contribution or help leading to more response to your communication.

Customer’s or prospects always view the profile of the buyer or the companies from which he or she is buying the products or services to gain every single bit of information available.


2). Connections

Increasing your network or the number of people you are connected with always provide you advantage and will promote your sales acceleration. Increasing your network can also help you in finding high quality prospects and convert them into profitable customers.

People always like to deal with the person they know. Being connected to them by sending an invitation request makes them feel a bit comfortable in starting communication with you. After that you have to use different strategies and approaches to engage your client.

Most of the beginners don’t believe in making new connections or feel shy but this can turn into a mistake. Don’t hesitate in making new connections, the platform is for professionals and everyone will behave you professionally. Communicating with them in a polite and formal manner can provide you the opportunity for succeeding in your career of sales and marketing.


3). Insights

To be successful in sales and marketing one should have a good understanding of the buyer’s perspective. Today’s buyer wants more and detailed information from every sales reps. So you will have to be ready for delivering the required information and valid reason for starting the one on one communication with them.

It leaves a positive impact on the prospect that you are ready for delivering the required information. Providing insights is useful in making a good impression. You should always try to give them a valuable and relevant reason for meeting with you as it shows that you are confident enough and are ready for providing the solution for any of the problems which may arise during the deal.


4). Experience

Make sure you try your best to provide a memorable experience to your prospect as they will always remember you whenever they require any of the products or services relevant to you. They will remember you even if they do not require your services or product.

Experienced professionals know how to deal with different clients or prospects and also know the value of providing a good experience. Creating a nice experience is one of the best practices for generating more leads and speeding up your sales cycle.

Don’t force to disburse your strategy on any of your prospects, just try to know and understand their attitude, agenda, and objective. Because after that only you will understand that for what they are looking for in a deal. Moreover, you don’t have to talk more about yourself and just try to be more helpful.


5). Smart Prospecting

Smart prospecting can provide you long lasting benefit and success in the field of sales and marketing. You should develop to focus on the right people and companies on a daily basis so that you can filter out those who may or do not have the potential to become a customer.

Smart prospecting mostly comes with experience, the more you involve in the searching and filtering process, the more your knowledge of selecting the right prospect increases. However, we always recommend beginners to keep track of leads and existing connections along with relationships. They should also prioritize the company and their people along with prospects.

Professionals with smart prospecting skills are more efficient than others. They always try to save their prospects time as well as them. That’s the reason why they do not overthink about providing any kind of insights that can satisfy and validate their trust and decision making because they know that this process can lead to lead generation successfully.

So these were some of the useful sales prospecting techniques which should be learned and implemented by every beginner for accelerating their sales and marketing career. Sales prospecting seems to be a complex topic but it is not that complex. It’s an art of identifying the prospects who are most likely to be converted into potential customers.

So these were all about sales prospecting which is an important skill required for LinkedIn Sales Outreach. Sales prospecting provides you the skill to identify the potential clients or customers for your products or services. The useful sales prospecting techniques provided in the post can be extremely helpful for beginners in advancing their career of sales and marketing and generating more leads.

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