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May 21, 2021
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LinBox Extension

Linbox Messenger is a chrome extension for LinkedIn that provides the communication process across LinkedIn and Gmail scope. You can easily add this extension from chrome. It provides the facility to read, write, send, and easily control your LinkedIn communication without dropping your Gmail. You can easily see all the LinkedIn Messenger functions in Gmail. Now, the question arises: Why should you choose Linbox Messenger?

Changing between tabs and clicking within various message windows may be overpowering and much time taken which points to the disordered workflow and concentration is fully distracted.

Linbox Messenger is the solution to your problem that you concentrate on, what actually means, and maintain your time wisely.

You can perform this task with the help of the LinBox Extension. LinBox will easily help you to communicate with your connections via Gmail. This contains some blanks in which you have to write the details as well as the message. It just takes 5 seconds to set up LinBox. Just Login to your account on LinkedIn and you’re good to go. Above, you get an overview of that website. Now look at some benefits:

Linbox Feartures

1. Research Communications

Before transferring a message you will see a research of the communication. You can easily explore a message. Later you look at LinkedIn chats straight in your Gmail account. Moreover, you can upload appendages, assets, and mail them among messages. In addition, you initiate a chat in a fresh tab. You can easily adjust the message panel. If you require a larger area for a particular message. Just increase the message section to comfortably write your message.

2. Easy and comfortable to utilize

It is very easy to use and each one is comfortable with Linbox Messenger. You do not need to perform some complex task. Only need to write the content or appropriate information on each section. It saves your time as well as without dropping your mailbox, you keep your time and prevent yourself from repeated attempts to search for proper messages in your Linbox Messenger. It is also secure so your message will never be caught by cyber threats, And your privacy will be maintained easily. 

3. Many accounts

You do not have to change between multiple windows to stay joined within many chats and see all of your conversations in one position. You just need to log in to your Linbox account. Also, this extension is free to use.

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