Linkedin Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Lead Generation
March 11, 2021
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Linkedin Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead generation is not a small game. I’m here to point out almost everything uses in Linkedin lead generation, From optimizing your LinkedIn profile to making strategies for lead generation I will cover almost every topic in this article. 

First we will start with basic, How LinkedIn’s algorithm’s works, Understanding your goals to optimize your LinkedIn’s profile for the lead generation. 

Now, It’s time to accelerate your Lead Generation

1. Understand your Goals

As I already told in the starting of this article, lead generation is not  a small game. Your focus is to generate leads for your company, Ofcos 

Since you’re in the game, you have to always track your goals. Set your targets and start thinking how you’re going to achieve them. It’s the best way to keep your focus on your target.

This step features a substantial impact for once you decide who you would like to attach and what quite content that you simply want to make.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

The lead generation starts with your personal profile first. Because having a well maintained profile increases your Reliability, Professionalism and credibility. When you’re part of the Company, you’re representing the brand from the front end and should uphold a proper representation of the brand.

An all-star profile should have:

The basic stuff: knowledgeable profile photo, fill within the about section, work experience, projects, skills, and certificates.

Add testimonials or recommendations from your former employers or clients.

Turn off the “People also viewed” section on your profile to stay the main target on you! (Settings & Privacy – Site Preferences)

SEO-optimized your profile with relevant keywords on your headline, about section, experience, and every one of your content.

Find people within the professional circle that you simply want to be in and connect with them. Also, reach out to your former classmates or colleagues.

Search and connect together with your prospects – If you've got access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, cash in of the Advanced Search, which provides you 30 different filter categories to refine your search and find the perfect leads. The tool also allows you to save lots of lead searches, account searches and share them together with your colleagues.

3.Engage Your Audience

Once you’ve reached your clients, colleagues. Now make new connections by actively engaging with your connections. Now you’re stand out from the crowd who have a linkedin profile but do nothing there. 


It’s time to join groups related to your industry, if you think linkedin groups are not related to your industry. Then you’re not looking at the right ones

Few things to remember while joining groups:

  • Always prefer activity over size
  • Join group with personal profile not with your company page
  • Never start a conversation with a pitch of sales

4. Build your Content Strategies

Content has the biggest relationship with your linkedIn lead generation strategy. People who are active on linkedin and post content daily have more chances of getting new opportunities then other inactive users.

The best way to nurture your audience relationship is by bringing originality into your content. 

Choose a topic that you’re interested in and have knowledge about it. It’s better to have a niche than trying to appeal to everyone with board topics. Because you have to attract certain types of connections if you’re not that type of person then your brand is not perfect yet.

5. LinkedIn Outreach 

If you’re serious about LinkedIn lead generation, invest in InMail. This is often what people use to directly send a message to their target customers without connecting with them first. Of course, we usually recommend companies warm up their leads by connecting first. But if you’re during a rush and have InMail to spare, then plow ahead .

LinkedIn Email Outreach or email outreach is simply a way of getting connected to different people at a time. It is very useful when you are trying to get in touch with different people for content marketing. For connecting different people via email or LinkedIn InMail you will have to buy LinkedIn Premium and avail it’s membership.

 LinkedIn Email outreach is very similar to the cold outreach messages, in both of these we try to connect people via messages in the form of email or cold messages. So it’s best to follow the strategies of cold outreach messages when using LinkedIn Email outreach for connecting to your prospects.

In LinkedIn Email Outreach your message should always try to keep your tone friendly, and warm welcoming to start the communication. You should try to find some common points between and your prospect as after finding it personalization becomes a bit easy.

You can refer to this article to know more about email outreach. 

6. Run Ad Campaigns

What we’ve learned thus far was mostly lead generation on a private level. That’s good, you build trust better when you’re on a private level together with your audience.

But running ad campaigns will assist you spread your company’s message to the proper people even further. However, this process takes trials and errors before you discover an appropriate strategy for your company.

Main points to keep in mind while running ads

  • Targeting
  • Types of ads
  • Conversion Tracking 

I hope you’re able to generate leads after reading this article. I tried my best to explain every type of technique and strategies to help you grow. Hope these tips are useful and worth implementing in your practices.

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