LinkedIn Outreach Guide for Beginners – 7 Essential Rules

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January 23, 2021
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LinkedIn Outreach Guide for Beginners

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform for professionals. It’s a great platform for generating leads, boosting your sales, and increasing your network. You can take all the advantages provided by the platform only if you know the proper way of using it. LinkedIn has its own standards and they are strict on it most of the time.

Different LinkedIn Automation tools provide you various services and features that make your life easy, but LinkedIn can block your account for any kind of violation or breaching of their standards.

But that's not the reason for stress for you because today we will be discussing the 7 essentials rules to keep in mind when using LinkedIn Outreach to expand your networks and generate more sales.

These certain rules are very important for beginners as it will optimize their profile or account keeping it safe and secure. So inthis LinkedIn Outreach Guide for Beginners let start the 7 essential rules to keep in mind.

Setting up your LinkedIn Account

Setting up your LinkedIn Account properly providing valid information is best. Initially, you should try to explore your profile, setting, and daily limits.

You just created a new account on LinkedIn and started sending connection requests to 100 to 150 people on a daily basis, sounds cool, but it’s not going to happen. LinkedIn has its own standard and it will not allow you to do it.

You can also be flagged or marked spam if you try todo it with the help of any Automation or LinkedIn Automation tool because that sounds very unusual and unrealistic. They use advanced technology and can easily detect your automation bot. You are safe if you will use the MeetAlfred automation tool.
And that's the reason why initially you should gradually increase your profile activity, user engagement and sending connection requests to increase your network. This shows that you are interested and giving more time to the platform.

Connection Requests

To connect with the users and expand your network you need to send connection requests to them. Do not try to send an unusual amount of connection requests on a daily basis as this can be the reason for your account to be marked as spam.

You need to gradually increase your activity and the number of connection requests sent to warm up your account. Growing slowly isfar better than getting banned.

Safety of your LinkedIn account should be the first priority, further, you know you are going to make a profit.

Direct Messages

You can only send Direct Messages or DMs to only your1st-degree connection. Now, what is this 1st, 2nd, 3rd-degree connection in LinkedIn?

1st-degree connections are the people you are connected directly with because either they or you have accepted the connection request.

2nd-degree connections are the users who are connected to your 1st-degree connections. You can contact them with an InMail.

3rd-degree connections connected to your 2nd-degree connections. You can contact them with an InMail.

If you have a newly created account then it is recommended to send a maximum of 70 to 80 direct messages per day. Of Course, you can increase it when your account is warmed up or becomes a month old. You can send 200 to 300 direct messages per day having a premium LinkedIn account.

Deleting your old pending requests

Having a ton of pending connection requests does not create a good impact on your profile or account. LinkedIn is always monitoring your account and has a right to suspect your account for sending spam connection requests. So it is always a good practice to delete or remove your old pending connection requests.

It's very simple to delete or remove your old pending connection requests. You can do it by going to
“My Network” -> “Manage”-> “Sent”.
It would be best if you delete or remove your old pending connection request on the weekly basis. This will keep your account safe and secure.

Personalization can increase your LinkedIn Connection request acceptance rate

Personalization is one of the key tools by which you can increase your LinkedIn Connection request acceptance rate a lot.

Everybody is unique and can be attracted by different approaches. If you try to send the same direct messages to different people by just copy-pasting then things will not work as your expectation.

LinkedIn may also flag or suspect your account for sending the same direct messages to everyone in your connection. It's not a safe practice.

If you send personalized direct messages to the user then you will definitely get a high conversion rate as it will make them feel special and a bit more interested in commuting with you.

Cloud-Based LinkedIn tool for better security

LinkedIn uses advanced technology and software to detect any kind of suspect and change in the behavior of the platform caused by any chrome extensions, software programs, bots, browser plug-ins, and other LinkedIn automation solutions or tools.

For the best safety and security practices, it is always better to use Cloud-based solutions or tools. These are much safer, can work all day long, and are live on the web.

Some advanced features such as dedicated IP address, simulating human behavior and actions, advanced personalization makes the Cloud-based LinkedIn tools and solution more reliable than others.

Increasing your Response Rate

While your Response Rate mostly depends on the targeted audience, your first direct messages or the connection request template also decide your response rate.

Avoid the same old and boring templates simply because that sounds monotonic. You should use your creativity and try to create a personalized template to increase your response rate in direct messages.

Time-Zone and Account Activity

LinkedIn monitors your account activity and tracks its time. It helps them to know the user behavior and their activities. But this can be problematic for you if you send a connection request, DM’s to the connection in a large amount in a specific time period. Doing this on a regular basis can flag your account.

And that’s the reason why you should control your activities and timing with the Time-Zone Settings. You can use Automation tools or solutions for sending direct messages or connection requests.

So these were 7 essential rules to keep in mind for LinkedIn Outreach. Using automation tools or solutions in the best way can substantially increase your profit and conversion generating more leads for your business.

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