LinkedIn Sales Enablement Benefits & Best Practices

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January 27, 2021
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LinkedIn Sales Enablement Benefits & Best Practices

What is LinkedIn Sales Enablement?


Sales Enablement is providing useful resources to your sales team which helps them a lot in succeeding their competitors. The resources can be anything, it can be a tool, platform, strategy, technology, etc. Positive support and right structure is very important for sales enablement.

Today every sales manager and executives are trying to implement the best practices of the sales enablement to survive in this competitive market. Choosing the right sales enablement platform can be a crucial point for every marketer as these platforms provide a combination of tools, processes, technology and content required by every sales and marketing team to increase their sales.

Sales enablement ensures that your team has the required information, content, data, and technology which will be used in the sales process. It has a major contribution in one of the company goals and that is increasing the profit.

Sales enablement includes various elements such as Strategy, Customer centers, content, technology and tools. Implementing a sales enablement strategy requires a clear image of the existing sales process and further working and improving it.

Sales enablement initiatives, its successful implementation and management is handled and managed by the Sales enablement manager. Sales enablement managers take the responsibility of maintaining a consistent sales with the help of data driven training experience and onboarding.


What are the benefits of the Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement provide equal opportunities to the members of the sales team assuming that every member of the sales team has the capability of increasing sales and that’s the reason why every member is valuable. Sales teams using sales enablement are ahead and more competitive than the team not using it.

So, what are the benefits of using the Sales Enablement. Well, let’s find it out in the point below -

Sales Enablement provides equal opportunities to every sales member to perform their best. This also decreases down the burden on the leader or the top performer who is always expected to generate more sales comparatively. Of Course more profit and revenue will be generated when all the members of the team are performing their best. This also helps the company in cutting down the non performing assets involved in the overall sales process.

Today a large number of Business to Business commerce or B2B is taking place online through E-commerce generating more and more data having valuable information stored in it. Using Sales Enablement technology it becomes very easy to collect, filter and organize data for the sales team with the help of technology. Various insights of the buyer such as their preferences, likes and dislikes are also available which helps a lot to marketers in generating more sales.

Sales enablement provides a fast experience of the overall sales process and this is one of the leading principles from the sales perspective. With the help of the required data and information, it becomes an advantage for the sales representative to start the conversation in the required manner.

Optimization of the resources is one of the major key components in the Sales enablement. Using the right resource at the right time strengthens the relationship between sales and marketing.

Sales enablement makes the team member more responsive, informed and active which gives a positive impact to every third party whom the sales representative interacts enhancing the company value and reputation.


What are the LinkedIn Sales Enablement best practices?

Providing the required information, tools and data to the sales team is always a best practice yet creating a proper strategy to implement and use those resources can deliver exceptional results. That’s the reason why you should follow some of the LinkedIn Sales Enablement best practices. Now, let’s know some of the best practices of the LinkedIn Sales Enablement -

Choosing and working on the right sales enablement tools or software always help business to business companies align with the time. So you should more emphasize on the buyer’s journey rather than analyzing the sales cycle.

In Business to Business selling, timing is what really matters. You have to be on time and more opportunistic than your competitors. Sales and marketing both have to work together to identify the opportunities and work on it.

You should also track the effectiveness of your content because the sales enablement is not only filled with buyer’s information and insights, it may also have your company’s internal insights and data. So it is always best to measure all the perspectives and then work.

You should always help your representatives to explore or discover a new feature or tool as incorporating any new feature will increase the extent and feasibility of your team with various selling tools. You can share it as a feature of the week in any of your sales meetings.

Doing a pre-call research will certainly help your representative enjoy greater conversion of new calls by connecting on common points with the prospect.

You should give more focus on the Skill& Endorsement section and choose the categories accordingly. You should be choosing the categories that represent your services and prospects. This will help you in growing your network endorsing you for the sales-centric works and ideas. You should temporarily hide those categories which are irrelevant to the customer value.

The Executive Summary section is also one of the most important of all. It should not be ignored or underrated because people read them when they check the details of the representatives contacting them. They explore your helping nature which can be responsible for the success of your team and peers.

In LinkedIn the line you write under your name is called the headline as is believed to be impactful for various reasons. You should write it wisely as it will help your representative to deliver customer centric messages that describe the benefits provided to the customers or clients. In addition to that, you should also use professional photos that are clicked in the office.

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