Deep overview of Linkedin Sales Navigator and Its Features

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
July 20, 2021
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Linkedin Sales Navigator
What is Sales Navigator -

Sales navigator is one of the premium features of LinkedIn that helps to originate leads on LinkedIn by acknowledging what you are looking for and helps in  easily finding your target customers and connecting with them in just a few simple steps. It helps you to find out who your ideal client is. Since the introduction of Sales Navigator it has become the most popular feature in the market.

Features of Sales Navigator are

 - Listed below are the LinkedIn sales Navigator features that will help your business to grow 

  • Login to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account and search for leads - This helps you to find the key words on which content has been posted by your potential buyers.
  • Login to your LinkedIn account and reach out to your potential Buyers - You can go and search what you are looking for so after entering your keywords as per your requirements LinkedIn is going to show you the desired results. You can also add filters with which you can specifically see to get what you were looking for. You can also see the potential buyers who have joined LinkedIn recently so you can also become the first person to message these buyers. Be the first one to get there first movers always wins
  • Point Drive - It is a new feature that allows sales representatives to package contents and share with potential buyers via email, social media and other online platforms. Once you create your account you need to have a specific type of account to get access to point drive. Then you can create micro landing pages that allow sales representatives to insert video, Pdf etc. You can also see the number of viewers who have visited your page.So then with the help of one link the buyers viewing the micro page can get powerful analytics that will allow them to see their search and understand who is consuming what. Which product is now in demand and with the help you can increase your sales.
  • LinkedIn sales navigator network search filter -  Here you can see who is in your network by the criteria or network that LinkedIn sales navigator has built for searching leads or accounts. You have to utilize these networks to stay alive ,keep contact , and see who is in your network. The common things between you and your networks. If they are posting any content and what is it related to. You have worked really hard to build the network so utilise it by searching and engaging with the potential audience.
  • The recommended leads of Sales Navigator - If you have been able to find out your ideal customer profile and you want more consumers like this one. Then you can go to your specific lead search criteria view if you click on a view similar to LinkedIn then searches and recommends the specific clients that you have been looking for. So with the LinkedIn sales recommendation you can save a lot of time going through various customer profiles  and invest your energy in these potential consumers.
  • Saving search history to get email notifications -  With the help of save search you can save a search history of your dream buyers. So you can get alerts daily, weekly , monthly , and never . When any potential buyers joins and fulfills the criteria that you have specified and saved, then you  are going to receive an email. Then you can reach out to these individuals before anyone else does.
  • LinkedIn sales Navigator Salesforce integration - If you can sync your  Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )data with LinkedIn sales navigator data then when you will be looking at profiles there a new icon will show up and it will tell you that this specific customer is already in your CRM . With the help of CRM all the data will push over to Salesforce and all the data will be up to date. While linking your CRM with LinkedIn sales navigator you need to have LinkedIn sales navigator team license or LinkedIn sales navigator enterprise license without these you can't sinc you CRM . If you have a team or business then this will be very helpful for tracking and creating a scalable process.
Conclusion - 

Overall we can say that sales navigation helps to seal the deals with the customers. The organisation creates healthy relationships with the customers. Consumers tend to buy from the business or organisation they like and trust and sales navigation connects potential customers to the organisation. So now it is up on you if you will implement sales navigation in your business or not 

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