Linkedin Sales Navigator Hacks you should know in 2021

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
August 1, 2021
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Linkedin Sales Navigator Hacks

Sales Navigator is an advanced search tool that you can use to generate potential leads. It helps you to find the right consumers, engage with them and make strong relationships. The main purpose of a sales navigator is to help you reach out to the future prospects so that you can persuade them into buying your product or services . It is mostly addressed as a sales management instrument that is used by every business nowadays.

Top Five Sales Navigator Hacks that you should know in 2021 :
  1. Lead Filters: By using the Linkedin Sales Navigator you can put in any kind of search parameters that you want to use in your business. If you are looking for people of any specific industry then you just have to select the proper filters. For eg: if you are looking for advertisement and sales industry then you have to use it as a filter then you can mention your other specifications and then you can get the final result. So the more specific you can be the more limited your result output will be and in this way you will be able to save a lot of time.
  1. Essential of Point Drive : One of the most easy and useful ways to generate leads.  Here the sales representative can share essential contents with the new leads via emails, social media platforms , messages etc. But you can use point drive in your account for that you have to have a particular account.  With the help of point drive you can make micro landing pages where you can insert videos, photos etc. Also you can check out the number of audience's that have visited your profile. But with the help of a single link to the viewers who are viewing the micro page , you can see which product is having the maximum demand. So implementing point drive helps to increase your sales.
  1. Sales Navigator search Filter: Here you can check out all the networks that are made by criteria or the automated networks.made by LinkedIn itself. By using these networks you have to grow your business, increase engagement with the future leads and you have to keep on checking who is in your network. You have to find out the common links between you and your connections.  You have to build the network from scratch, pull all your efforts so utilise it wisely and keep connecting with future leads.
  1. Leads recommended by Sales Navigator: By the recommendations of old prospects LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps to set you up with these same kinds of future potential leads. From your previous prospects you can find more consumers like that. So you can go to your search history and then click on a similar view then LinkedIn will show you recommendations matching those prospects. With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can generate similar leads without wasting any time going through profiles on LinkedIn.
  1. Better Email Notification System:  Save search helps you to save the previous history of your dream customers. When some new consumers are there that will match with your profile then you will automatically get notifications, emails, messages etc. So if any future prospects match with the criteria that you have saved then , LinkedIn automation tool will automatically start sending you emails. So in this way you can reach out to a large group of audience , within a very limited period of time.

So these are some of the LinkedIn sales navigator hacks and I think after implementing these in your business you are going to get many more leads. As it is one of the premium features that is offered by LinkedIn it helps to save your time by directly connecting the organisation or businesses with the consumers at the right place and at the right time. 

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