Pros and Cons of integrating Sales Navigator with SalesForce

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
July 18, 2021
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Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has been shown to significantly raise social selling by producing 34% of total B2B sales customers. Combining Sales Navigator with a present CRM creates an even more powerful tool that reduces the way to a client through an automated search, account management, and messaging.

As a result of such a promising candidate, a few clients turned to Twistellar to set up the LinkedIn combination with Salesforce CRM.

Let's examine the pros and cons met along the way to decide if the results live up to the expectations.

The advantages of syncing LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Salesforce CRM

So what accurately are the likely chances of this combination or integration?

Maintain your Sales Navigator search settings in the tool with the contacts from your CRM to find the best-fit visitors for further interactions.

Profiles and Contacts related to Open Possibilities are synchronized with the Chance Owner. It implies that the owner receives up-to-date notifications on the contacts leaving their company or changing a job. Thus, he is regularly aware of the latest changes and can equally adapt his sales policy.

1.Access the essential contact information quicker as the data from the CRM is displayed on Sales Navigator Lead pages

2.Redirect your transmitted InMails, notes, and PointDrive views from the Sales Navigator to the CRM

3.Build customized ROI reports that present how Sales Navigator usage has influenced opportunities in the CRM.

4 things to think before combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Salesforce CRM

Before you start at this chance of a larger sales perspective, make sure to meet the following requirements :

1.The Professional Sales Navigator version doesn't allow syncing, so you have to choose between Team or Enterprise. From the Salesforce side, you want to have to need  one of the following versions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance, or Professional

2.API access allowed in your Salesforce org

3.An ready Sales Navigator admin account and Salesforce admin account

4.JavaScript allows the browser the ability to log in/configure in a cookie-clear environment. These may be Chrome Incognito, Firefox Private Browsing, and others

Pros & Cons

After all, the combination and integration do serve their purpose to affect the performance of sales with the help of analytical insights on your customers. As an end of better data management and reporting, finding breaks in the current sales and adapting your strategy accordingly becomes easier.

The main method of customer training, however, mainly takes place on LinkedIn. It gives reason to think Salesforce users to be caught in a less desirable position than those who often use LinkedIn.

At the end of the day, if you plan on setting up the integration, view all the pros and cons, focusing on the budget and main sales tool used by your team. Salesforce users can have better chances to find suitable leads, and Sales Navigator users will take the lead of the reports and analytics on the customers performed in the CRM.

The main weakness of the integration is that the main sales processes will be directed to the LinkedIn platform. If you plan to work with LinkedIn from the Salesforce interface, you won't be able to accomplish that. You'll still have to sustain your leads on Linkedin having restricted data caught in Salesforce.

It's very important to know all boundaries of app packages and APIs for the most efficient use of any combinations. For this reason, referring to a professional Salesforce consulting company can help you form data-driven and experience-based expectations to find the best answers for your optimization aims.

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