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April 15, 2021
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Social Selling

When everyone wants to grow in this new ERA Social selling tools are necessary for smart work to reach max customers by putting less effort in a short time. Social selling tools are really great. I personally use them to reach new clients on a daily basis. So let’s get deep into Social selling and explore what it is and how we can use it to reach new clients and some best tools of all time.

So, What is Social Selling and How tools help us?

Social selling is a technique that is used to increase sales via networking sites to Build Relationships, Identify Prospects and ideally, close more deals. 

But Some Companies think it’s just a trend which is going down at any time. But they are missing the opportunity to reach billions of customers available on social media.

 As we have to reach clients on Networking sites so we have some tools that help us to do some basic tasks and give us access to some advanced features too. As Social selling is too much famous on Linkedin they are also known as Linkedin Automation.

Here is the list of features these tools provide.
  • Automates data importing from social channels
  • Connects the dots between a company’s social connections
  • Eliminates the manual process of content sharing
  • Gives insight into where and how your content plays best, leading to revenue
  • Increase in engagement—right message, right person, at the right time!
  • Ritizes and scores hot prospects and customers on social
  • And much more

Here are the numbers of the things where Social selling tools can help us So let's see why we should use Social selling tools.

Why to use Social Selling tools?

  • It saves time.
  • It brings personalization  to mass outreach.
  • It automatically generates reports for your outreach campaigns.
  • It integrates with other lead generation and marketing tools.

Top Social Selling Tools:

There are no of Social Tools are available in the market and now the question is which one to use and which give the best features at less price. SO here are the some of the best Social Selling tools that you can use to reach new clients on networking sites:                              

  • MeetAlfred
  • Expandi                                               
  • Zapto

So let’s explore all of them and check what features they provide at what price.

1. Meet Alfred: 

Is our own Social selling tool developed by seeing the needs of marketers and It’s based on my experience too. We developed it to help a marketer on every point of Social Selling. 

Meet Alfred

It offers almost every feature that a marketer needs for Social Selling. So let’s check out what features we offer.

  • Campaign manager
  • Advance CRM
  • Email marketing 
  • Twitter Automation
  • In Depth Analysis

$29/ month

There are many features available too. We also provide a 7 days trial you can checkout by Visiting here.


It's a pretty fine and safe tool on the market. In addition, expandi is super convenient as it runs 24/7 on your machine (or we can say that may be sometimes on specific times, depending on your settings). Also, it is extremely easy to set up. 

Tool standout features:
  • Webhooks
  • Smart Inbox
  • Dynamic Personalization

$99/ per month


is a cloud-based software that takes very few minutes to set up. You only need a LinkedIn Premium or Navigator Account. Get access to the dashboard by just signing in with Zapto. It accumulates and shows insights and stats about the campaigns you are going with.

Social Selling Tool

It allows you to select the chosen levels of engagement for every campaign that you are going with on LinkedIn. It lets you use Connection Invites, Free InMailsetc to enhance your engagements.

 Tool standout features:
  •  Managing the prospects
  • Profile Details 
  • Auto-visit Profiles
  •  Send personalized messages        

$329/ per month

I hope this article will help you in Social Selling and i think that’s enough for this article. If you want to know more about Social Selling checkout this article.

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