An Impeccable Sales Enablement Strategy for your Company

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March 28, 2021
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Sales Enablement Strategy

At the current time, The “Sales Enablement” title is linked to over 20k+ jobs on Linkedin. Most of the companies understand the need for an evolution in sales practices to best serve growing expectations. However, This path is new for some companies. So, how they can ensure sales enablement properly to get them on the way to success. 

First, we will discuss the key drivers to change for the coming year

  • All B2B companies, regardless of their size or digital maturity, will make sales enablement technology a priority. But if they don’t take risks they are going to be left in the dust.
  • Sales enablement technology providers will experience increased pressure from buyers to satisfy them wherever they're in their sales enablement journey-helping less mature companies to require their first steps and empowering those that are already well on their thanks to putting the pedal to the metal, accelerating innovation 
  • Marketing leadership always play a more crucial role in sales enablement leadership and ownership

Prioritize Sales Enablement Technology:

Few companies are actually meeting their sales enablement goals and some of them fail. The Reason?

A majority of companies fail to implement the right integrated technology to support their goals. I believe that “Companies that invest in Sales enablement, Sales enablement automation, and sales readiness will see good results, including an increase in revenue.

You can check Meet Alfred for the sales enablement automation as it’s made based on my experience to overcome the challenges I face during my sales career :)

Put Buyers First:

Successful companies such as Uber, Amazon, and Netflix have already written their consumer culture to prioritize user experience all above all else. The shift is creating a new type of client, which companies must shift sales and marketing approaches to address. More specifically, their shifts should include: 

  • Rebranding the sale process to buying process (The user’s journey)
  • Aligning content with the questions users will ask throughout their purchase process: Why now? Why change? And Why renew?
  • Enabling sellers to act as a great concierge, proactively anticipating what the content users will need at each step of their journey.

This shift in customer experience will resonate with users and push your deals forward.

 Eliminate Difference Between Indirect And Direct Sales Teams:

Channel partners are liable for almost half the revenue in B2B sales. Despite that, most companies fail to supply their channel or distribution partners with the required tools, readiness, and collateral for fulfillment. Without proper enablement and readiness, your channel partners can’t effectively engage with prospects to articulate your unique value proposition.

 As a result, you lose control over brand consistency and cripple indirect sellers’ ability to supply revenue. Without proper intelligence, you lack crucial insight into your company’s sales pipeline and predictable revenue performance. Companies that utilize sales enablement technology and sales collateral for partner sellers experience 1.4x higher revenue and are 2.1x more likely to experience double-digit growth in revenue.

Everyone is a Seller:

As users engage with your company via multiple channels like your social media, website, BDRs, etc. Your company’s sales enablement strategy needs to be part of a bigger user engagement and user experience initiative.

Having sales and marketing on an equivalent page ensures your prospects and clients will receive more accurate, relevant, and up so far information. The marketing features a command useful messaging which will help assure their best alignment, and drive an aligned and evolved customer experience.

Rather than spend another year in sales disarray, arm your sellers with the content, readiness, and tools they have to successfully impact revenue. By taking the five steps listed above, you'll watch your sellers go from mediocre to exceptional.

Let me know in the comments if these strategies really helped you :)

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