Best Practices to Buy and Sell for Sales Enablement

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August 9, 2021
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Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a mixed force that is made by combining Marketing and sales together. The practice was brought into existence to establish a smooth communication system between the two customer-centric departments of a firm.  

Prior to the discovery of Sales Enablement, the marketing and sales team used to have many faces and coordination difficulties. Since its first discovery in 1999, Sales Enablement has changed a lot. But the core process and objectives are still the same.  

Are of Sales Enablement in the Enterprise:

Due to the dynamic market structure and ever-changing customer behavior, Sales Enablement has become a must need in every enterprise. The practice makes the sales and marketing department stronger by increasing skills and knowledge to meet their objectives.

We have listed down few points that will help you to understand more the importance of Sales Enable more precisely:

  •  It helps buyers to reach their designated goods more quickly.
  •  Establishes a mutual understanding and coordination between the Marketing and Sales team.
  •  It makes the sales process more efficient so that sellers can focus on selling their goods instead of managing other tasks.
  •  It also helps to forecast future sales tactics by analyzing previous performances.  

The Best Practices for Sales Enablement are:

1. Combine Sales with Marketing:

A seller needs to look after the ease of the customer in getting the required product with applying minimum effort. This can be ensured by building up excellent coordination among the Sales and Marketing team. The sales and marketing personals must be well aware of the goods being sold and answer the required queries of customers regarding them.  

2. Regular Training of Sales Employees:

The Sales and Marketing representative must be appropriately trained to handle the sales process, and customer queries effectively. In addition, they must be made aware of all the new strategies and goals as soon as they are set to be implemented.  

For the training purpose, modern technologies like e-learning and digital platforms can be used. In addition, regular practice seasons, workshops, and knowledge tests can also help them perform well and sharpen their skills. But the practice must be done in such a way that it doesn’t exert any extra burden on the employees.

3. Distinctive Content for Different Levels of Sales Process:

The whole point of sales enablement content is to help your reps build credibility, educate prospects and overcome objections those prospects might have during the sales process. But, of course, we can’t expect all the buyers to be equal, so there must be unique content for each category of buyers. For example, there must be a webinar recording or an eGuides must be provided to potential customers who are not able to reach their required goods. At the same time, case studies and more concrete offerings (like a snazzy pricing page) could appeal to those in the decision-making process.

4. Use of Modern Technologies:

An investment must be made in modern technologies to support the sales team in their work. Modern technologies can help them to get insights into customer requirements and plan strategies to target them. It will also help in scrutinizing the sales performance of the enterprise. The technology must be shared by both the marketing and sales teams for better performance.


To conclude, we must say that in current business scenarios, each and every customer-centric firm must opt for Sales Enablement to increase productivity and maximize sales. And for that, a good plan and its implementation are also necessary, which can only help achieve the goals. So, managers and business owners must choose the best Sales Enablement Practice to get a fruitful result of growth.

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