How to Select the Right Sales Outreach Approach

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April 25, 2021
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Sales Outreach

Which method do you choose to communicate with someone? There are many methods of communication. Nearly everyone chooses email for their communication methods. For me as someone to communicate with, I also use emails. But sometimes there is a kind of situation where we have to choose phone calls as a communication method, especially in sales. There is a time and place for both communication methods. A Phone call is also used for the sales process so don’t depend only on emails.

The main reason is that you should be focusing on the sales outreach methods that give you a better response from a prospect. This method is not about whether to use email or call; it also needs to know when to use each method. Here you need to know to make the right choice.

The methods for phone calls

In emails, there is no real human interaction with a prospect. But in phone calls, you can better interact with a prospect. Phone calls allow you to build trust, authenticity, enact connection. If there will be a larger conversation with a prospect then you should use the phone call. Choose this method when:

  • You have to explain some complicated things.
  • You need to convey some poor news.
  • You need a response as fast as it is.
  • You are looking to shut the deal.
  • You want to establish a relationship.

The methods for emails

An actively engaged sales representative, cannot wait to call each one equally busy prospect. This thing is very time-consuming. In that situation, email helps you to save your time and work done efficiently. It is the best method of communication to have full control over the conversation. Use it when you have to say something simple and quick. Choose this method when:

  • You are accompanying up.
  • You have something in correspond.
  • You have a quick inquiry.
  • You have to send a text message to many peoples.

Selecting the ethical outreach method 

In Every part of the sales process, there is a particular time for email and a particular time for a phone call. By finding out which communication method, when you need it, will give you the key to success in sales. 

Here are some ways to evaluate the situation:

1. Set the purpose

 You should choose the method which accomplishes your aim of communication. In the above mentioned, do not use the email for big goals like closing a deal. In that case, the email might look lazy. But with simple queries just go with emails.

The quality of being urgent to your request can act on the communication method. If you need a quick answer the call clearly to the prospect, nothing is better for this method in that situation. And keep in view; that not everyone answers an email at the proper time. But when you do not need a quick response then email is better for this purpose.

2. Apply what you know about the prospect

It’s matters that what kind of communication method your prospect favors. There are multiple facts on which to exert the prospect favors, it also includes the status of the person, designation, industry, stage of life, etc.

Also, if you have previously communicated with a prospect many times and that person has been active, email may be a better choice. But if your prospect is in the first stage of the marketing method and you are trying to create the relationship, a phone call will be more effective.

3. Time it properly.

Selecting the better communication method is not only around the condition. It’s about timing also. In a week,  day, and even the month and year could influence reply times for your outreach.

When you are preparing your sales outreach policy, get assured you look through all of the possible factors and circumstances that could play into the possible outcome. Choosing the better communication method means you will be more probably to get the best.

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