What is a Sales Funnel and it's Key Points

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July 24, 2021
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Sales Funnel

Every single business in the world has a sales funnel regardless of the size of the organisation. Everything starts with your marketing effort. Sales funnel is the process of approaching the audience. With the sales funnel you can move leads through the sales process and by the end of the process they can become your customers. Managing your sales funnel is called sales cycle management and it is essential for the business. The main aim of the sales funnel is to keep on automating your business so that you can keep generating revenue.

The Stages and key points of Sales Funnel: 

  1.  Awareness

You have to create awareness among the consumers. If people don't know that your product exists then wont know your business exists, then how will you go through the process of selling the products to the potential buyer.

There are many different ways to get visibility. It may be through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. With the use of social media you can reach a large number of people all at once. 

You have to teach the audience about your company. You have to share your expertise and show what your business does , and how it helps the consumers . 

They can find your videos on YouTube , read your blogs , search in Google or they may have heard about you from a friend in this way you have to create traffic.

  1. Interest

Once your potential consumers are aware about your brand they are going to assess it. You have to start building a relationship with the audience. They might have discovered you but they need to start following you so that you can give more information about the different ways in which your product can help them. You have to grab the interests of the customers in such a way that they will start thinking about your product. To keep up with the interest of the customers you can create a checklist that will help the customers to get the desired result . Even if it is a small result, they will start believing in your brand because the result is what they are looking for rather than information.

  1. Desire

When the consumers start following you they will know a lot about your company. They will try to gather every information about your company. They will delve deep down about the pricing , packaging, and offers available for the product. Once you start building a relationship with them then you can proceed further. So you have to target those customers who are interested in your product. You can send them customized emails and texts . You should inform them about the ongoing offers and discounts that are available.This is the stage where the consumers are most curious about your product and you should encash this opportunity. 

  1. Action

This is the stage where you will get to know whether your potential leads are going to make a purchase or not. The consumers are going to buy your product or service and become a part of your company . But just because the consumers have reached the last step doesn't mean that they are going to buy the product. There will be consumers who are not going to buy the product but don't lose hope. Later on you can approach these customers in a different way. Try to focus on why they are not interested in buying your product. If they have any suggestions, try to implement them in your business.

Express your appreciation for the purchase, invite your customer to give feedback, and make yourself available for tech support, if possible.

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